Children enjoy a painting lesson in the barn.
Many opportunities to learn about plants and nature.

Inner city students explore the connection to the earth beneath their feet as they discover the properties of soil composition and gardening techniques .

Students discover the importance of farms as a source of food and clothing by learning how plants and animals are processed into food and materials.

Collaboration with public land management agencies and like minded partnerships teach long term stewardship of indigenous trees and how forests can regenerate from decaying woodland.

Partnerships with local schools encourage trash recycling and programs to mitigate roadside litter.

Sponsorship of student competitions and exhibitions help explain the connection between land, the environment and natural resources like wetlands and waterways.

Learning ways to create with stone,  abundantly available at Tallgrass Farm, teaches sustainable use of the earth’s natural resources.

Cooking classes allow students to follow food from field to table, eating seasonally from the garden while learning simple culinary techniques, sharing ideas and conversation around the table.

Gatherings in the historic bank barn with good local food and conversation about neighborhood issues unite people on needs and goals of the community.

Participants learn to make art from nature while gathering flowers, berries, nuts, stones, and native season grasses.

Art classes encourage creativity,  whether plein air,  or learning to paint with an local artist instructor at long tables in a barn studio.

Well managed grazing programs for cattle, sheep, and goats teach the importance of crop rotation and  pesticide-free  weed  and pest control.

The Food Chain Game of “who eats what” demonstrates the connectivity of all living things.

Wildflower walks in the spring show how native species thrive in shaded meadows and wooded hillsides.

Looking for birds and wild animals is a rewarding experience as the farm provides excellent food crops and habitat year round. Deer, wild turkey, fox, raccoons, rabbits, squirrels, coyotes are everywhere, along with quail, bats and rare specimen owls.